Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Autolect "The Prestige"

Less than a month ago, Autolect released The Altruistic Adventures of Sleep Walker after being rather silent on the scene for a while, going so far as supposedly retiring. But now, he is back with another project, this one titled The Prestige, which is almost like a sampling of some of his demos mixed with new stuff, but has a rough or organic feel to it. As expected, the rhymes are top notch as are the beats, honestly I do not know what else I can say about Autolect that doesn't sound like I am being a stan. He is a top notch MC who has his own voice and perspective, if you haven't heard him yet, The Prestige is a great place to start and then delve into his other recordings, you shall not be disappointed.

You can stream and download the album here.

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