Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Philavibe (Phil G the Knowbody & Ill Clinton) "Rare Phorm"

40 tracks? That is quite possibly the first thing you will notice about Rare Phorm and that is understandable because that is a whole shit load of music. But do not let that overwhelm you, really it is sort of an anthology of Philavibe's music so far, with some tons of unreleased tracks as well that do not fit into any of the albums the group is working on. It is a great place to start to familiarize yourself with the Phil G the Knowbody (who in case you do not know is the MC of the group) and Ill Clinton (who is the producer) and the duo that is Philavibe. So check out the project and enjoy, while you are it at, go back and get the group's previous efforts and get ready for what they have cooking next.
You can stream and download the album here.

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