Friday, July 8, 2011

Autolect "Autology Vol 1"

I consider myself to be rather well versed in the world of "underground" hip hop, or whatever that means. But occasionally I find something that I missed along the way, normally it is an album or a new artist. But on rare occasions it is an artist with a full discography. Today I just happened to notice a conversation between Nasa of Uncommon Records and Elmattic where they mentioned an MC, Autolect, and asked them about him, got the link to his label's website and started to listen to some of the music. I was blown away and wanted to know where to start to find out more about him and his music. Then a few seconds later elmattic informed me he had actually done a mix of some of Autolect's best tracks (and has another mix of more tracks coming shortly) and was ecstatic. Listened to it and was blown away, so I asked if it was ok to share with my devoted readers who are also searching for new forward thinking music and got the green light, so let me present to you Autolect "Autology Volume 1" created by elmattic (check out his site here.)

download the mix here

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